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We always dreamed about having our own business and so we decided to share our love to handmade and unique products with everyone around the world.

  It all started in 2014 when Nicolas and Maya made handmade Christmas gifts for our friends and family. One of the first gifts that we made was the ‘’tumbling blocks game’’ in a beautiful oak wood box with a special laser engraved message for our friends. After seeing how excited they were about their gift we came up with the idea that this game would be enjoyable for others as well, especially as a gift for a wedding. 

  In 2015 we created our own e-store and also started to participate in local craft markets. Everyone really enjoyed our products so we came up with the idea of Alwedo. It is simplified abbreviation of the words “All we do ourselves” also in the traditional wedding vows bride and groom says "I do"  that put together is "We do".

We continue to grow and inspire each other as well as strive to offer our customers high quality handcrafted products.  

All we do- make things you love!

Our Team

About Us
Nicolas: Designer and woodworking
About Us
Maya: Designer, Social networks, Packaging
About Us
Gvido: Woodworking and Order Filler
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