Engraved Jenga

Engraved Jenga


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Engraved tower game

Handmade exclusive wood game. Choose this gift if you are looking for something Beautiful and Unique. 

Each piece is cut and carefully sanded so there will be no sharp edges. 


54 wood blocks with custom engraving. Size: Each block are 2.95 x 1 x 0.6 inches (7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm)

Ash wood box with custom engraving. Box dimensions: Height 11.8 x 3.95 x 3.95 Inches (30x10x10 cm)


You can choose one of 10 fonts provided.
Game comes with 54 wood blocks but you can request custom number of pieces, send us a message.


You can choose 4 different engraving options

1) If you want only blocks without the box choose: Engraved blocks
2) If you want game with only box engraved choose: Engraved box
3) If you want engraved 1 side of blocks and engraved box choose: 1 side&box
4) If you want engraved both sides of blocks and engraved box choose: 2sides&box

• Give your engraving instructions in the Special instructions for seller at cart page
• Check your spelling carefully before submitting order as we copy and paste your provided text.